About Feng Shui Four Pillars Of Destiny (Bazi)

What does Four Pillars Of Destiny means? It is defined as a person's fate that is being controlled by four factors on the day of birth - Year, Month, Day & Hours. This info is currently being used for Chinese Astrology practise like Zi Wei Dou Shu. Four Pillars of Destiny is also known as Bazi meaning as a person's eight characters of birth which is represented by Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. There are 10 Heavenly Stems while the Earth Branch is 12 similar to the 12 zodiac signs representation.

Heavenly Stems are represented by broken lines or unbroken lines that is defined by their meanings. If one is born at the right time of the year, this will be a blessing as you will have your life running smoothly otherwise you will likely to face obstacles but using this analysis will help you to avert some of these problems ahead.

The bottom reading will be the Earthly Branch and are represented by the 12 animals signs which are meant to show you the right path in your journey. Have it read correctly by professional fengshui master then you will be able to journey a smoother path in life and avert whatever disasters that maybe facing you ahead.

In Feng Shui Concept, it is based on the 5 Elements that are required to balance itself in order of one to have the best choice in life. By looking at your Bazi (Four Pillars), you will be able to see if you have a balance in your 5 elements. If not then you will need to know what you are lack of or weak in so that you can do some alterations in your life to compensate it.

By looking at the Bazi Chart, you will find each pillar has its own representation. Let us take a look at each pillar and what is the representation means:
- Hour Pillar represents when your children
- Day Pillar represents you or partner
- Month Pillar represents your parents
- Year Pillar represents your grandparents

Now that you know about the representations of each pillar, you will be able to find out more about your compatibility under each pillar in terms of relationship as well as every 10 years' cycle of your life that had been clearly plotted out in the chart. For your online analysis of your Bazi, you can now find out more @ Feng Shui Bazi Analysis for your life.

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